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Taking pictures
chris 4/2/2005 14:34:02
I got a ticket for the northern ireland game. does anyone know if cameras are allowed inside the stadium? i remember reading about cameras and similar devices not being allowed inside old trafford... but does this apply to england games as well? i would love to take some photos as i hardly get the opportunity to see an england game...

RE: Taking pictures
Webmaster 4/2/2005 19:56:45
You should check on the FA's website Chris

RE: Taking pictures
perry stewart-halford 22/2/2005 13:29:05
True It would be nice but in Leicester you can do it

RE: Taking pictures
Bob 7/3/2005 18:45:32
You'll be fine, we took cameras into the wales game at OT in october with no probs. Don't think about taking beer in though!